XSR: X-ray Scanning Rover

for scanning leave behind packages for threat detection

Why a Robotic Scanner

From conflict zones to airports to sporting events, bombs pose dangers for innocent civilians as well as the bomb technicians who regularly risk their lives to investigate suspicious objects and render the devices safe. Technology solutions can help first responders to see hidden dangers.

DHS SealTo this end, the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate’s First Responders Group (FRG) entered into a contract with SIS to build a robotic scanner to be a responder’s eyes. It quickly and accurately scans packages and bags for leave-behind improvised explosive devices (LBIED) while keeping responders out of harm’s way.

Key Features

  1. Ultra compact detector arm and electronics
  2. Optimized detectors for high efficiency scanning
  3. Continuous operating x-ray generator for increased penetration and clarity
  4. Graphical user interface and controls through standard laptop
  5. Remote Wi-Fi and battery operation

XSR is an x-ray system that scans packages for Leave Behind Improvised Explosive Devices (LBIED). It is integrated onto a custom mid-size robotic platform which allows for quick deployment and ease of use. The system is operated remotely over a wireless link. High resolution images are displayed in real time.

To learn more, contact us at info@smartimagingsystems.com.

Mounted on a Robot will achieve the unique ability to:

  • Scan packages left behind on sidewalks or in buildings
  • Scan a suspicious bag without moving it (avoiding triggered explosions)
  • Be operated remotely
  • Be rapidly deployable

Utilizing SIS’s revolutionary technology:

  • ultra miniaturization of x-ray detection electronics
  • custom designed electronics chips
  • ultra low power
  • multi-angle scanner with 3D features


To learn more, contact us at info@smartimagingsystems.com.