NASA Curiosity Mission

Why Smart Imaging Systems

Smart Imaging Systems is a forward-looking security technology company developing next generation inspection systems.

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The company is made up of award winning scientists and engineers with decades of experience at NASA in developing ultra miniature, ultra sensitive, high performance radiation detectors and electronic systems.

Suspicious Package

Recognizing this capability, the US Government commissioned the company to focus on Left Behind Incendiary Explosive Devices (LBIEDs) in the form of a DHS S&T contract to develop a first-of-a kind robotic scanner.

For terrorist weapons such as the left behind knapsack at the Boston Marathon or those types of suspicious left behind bags in Europe, Smart Imaging’s robotic x-ray scanner is the solution.

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Curiosity's Arm Over 'Marimba' Target on Mount Sharp

Applicable Technologies

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover uses technological advances that have been repurposed by Smart Imaging Systems to make threat detection lighter, faster, more accurate, and more readily available.